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Superfine! The Fairest Fair


Curated, well-priced art is coming to the Meatpacking District this May and you’re invited. Join us for the inaugural New York edition of Miami’s favorite art fair, Superfine! – The Fairest Fair, in the heart of the Meatpacking right next to the High Line. Forgo the stuffy art fairs of yore and browse our booths of independent artists and hand-picked galleries from NYC and around the globe. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with a piece of artwork perfectly suited to your budget AND your New York apartment. Day passes start at $7.77 and all-access passes are $33.33, including the private first view and evening music series.

The goal of Superfine! is to make art collecting an accessible and fun pursuit for everyone. With the fair’s third edition in New York’s Meatpacking District, the focus is entirely on emerging artists and the galleries who represent them. The fair will feature over 45 international exhibitors and 700+ original works of art, all priced in an attainable range between $200 and $10,000, with the lion’s share (60%) priced under $4,000 to encourage new art collectors and embolden established ones.

To learn more about Superfine! as well as how to join the year-round Collectors’ Society, which affords access to unique art events throughout the year to aspiring and established collectors, you can visit www.superfine.world. Tickets for the NYC fair are online at superfinenyc.eventbrite.com and you can use the code 5DOLLARDAYPASS to receive daily access for only $5.00. Tickets are limited by space so get yours ASAP and remember – you are Superfine!

ALIGUORI - Manipulation 
Andrew Dykes - Meat & Bones 
Ashley G Garner - Synaesthesia 
Brian Leo - Buffalo with Chainsaw 
Brian Leo - Cat With Dustbuster 
Deming Harriman - Warrior of the Sun-Tiger 
James Miille - Spatial Expansion 
John Dessereau - Adam and Eve 
John Dessereau - Inverted Gravity 
Kenneth Burris - Confliction on Taste 
Marcia Moore via ArtHouse.NYC - Ancient Elongated Abstract 
Naoaki Funayama - X-don 37 
Ryota Unno via Black Ship Gallery - The Highline NYC 
Sara Zaher - Modern Love 
Scott Daniel Ellison - Pond - Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City 
Sean O'Connor - Barbershop 
Seth Clark via Box Heart Gallery - Mass IV 
Tyler Whitlock - Understanding 
Wade Asa - Cellar Dweller 

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