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Robert Bentley


The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross is pleased to present “Robert Bentley: By Nature” from October 22- November 22, 2015. Truly an artist, Bentley works to allow the unique and natural character of the stones to exhibit themselves to the world. “This exhibition will be a presentation of all the vocabularies that I work in”, says Bentley. The exhibition will feature approximately 60 examples of Bentley’s gemstones as well as a smaller collection of Bentley’s work, as incorporated into finished jewelry by the Reinstein|Ross workshops.

Robert Bentley has been a legend in jewelry circles since opening his by-appointment only New York City showroom in 1994. Often referred to as the “brand behind the brand”, Bentley supplies many world famous jewelry designers with rare and unusual gemstones. It is the best, and most unique, of his treasure chest of stones, that will be on view in “Robert Bentley: By Nature.”

Bentley graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in 1972 and chooses to express his passion for art through the exceptional gemstones that he sources in Brazil. Together with a small lapidary team in the remote, North East region of Brazil, Bentley works on some of the world’s most spectacular colored stones. Bentley lends his eye and attention to detail to every stone. A single strand of 10 gemstones may have taken Bentley over a decade to assemble. The artist carefully considers each gemstone in his strand, motivated to include only special stones in his compositions, never referring to his stones as beads. “A bead can be made of any material”, says Bentley. His strands are composed of gemstones that happen to be drilled so that they can make a special grouping, or “collage”.

For Bentley, traveling to Brazil and working with rough gemstone material and crystals, cutting stones and “making innovative necklaces” has been a lifelong adventure. This exhibition will include singular examples of Tourmalines, Emeralds, Aquamarines, as well as Paraiba, Azurite, and Quartz, to name just a select few. Each stone is of the highest quality, usually employed by traditional cutters to create cabochons and faceted stones. Instead he shows off the stones so that they are as close to nature as possible.

The exhibition will also feature a series of Bentley’s ink drawings. Each abstract work is informed by the artist’s love of nature, geology, physics, and the beauty that he sees in crystal structures, inclusions, and natural features of stones.

Robert Bentley creates beautiful gem-quality stones that span a broad spectrum from fine facets, and uniquely crafted cabochons to natural crystal structures and distinctive crystal surface pieces. Bentley states that it is almost impossible to find perfect crystals, but when these gemstones are carved “by nature” anything is possible.

High-resolution images are available upon request.
Please direct all inquiries to Bella Neyman, Gallery Director, bella@reinsteinross.com

Robert Bentley Yellow Beryl Crystal Slices 

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