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Beth Bernstein Book Launch

We are thrilled to host Beth Bernstein and the launch of her new book If These Jewels Could Talk: The Legends Behind Celebrity Gems.

Beth is a gifted writer and jewelry expert. Her passion for jewelry collecting has introduced her to a world of fabulous jewels and people. It has allowed her to share her wisdom through numerous articles, two books in addition to this one, and through her design and jewelry consulting.

Inspired by the chapter “Sentimental Journeys,” we have curated a collection of our own sentimental jewels. Ranging from gem encrusted brooches to sweet charm bracelets each jewel conjures up a moment or message. For example, a delicate gold charm bracelet has an assortment of love tokens including a miniature engagement ring, a telephone dial reading “I Love U” and an enameled forget-me-not charm. A collection of pieces featuring beautiful carved gems come from a time when it was not uncommon to collect gems from exotic locales while traveling and bring them home to be set in the ultimate souvenirs. No matter what the original sentiment behind these special jewels, they will surely go on to mean something very important to their future owner.

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