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Small, Medium, Large Workshops

Fort Gansevoort is pleased to present the debut of S, M, L., a creative platform that merges art, artisanship and commerce. S, M, L. will feature a rotation of unique creative talents who will be making and selling their products.

Cara Marie Piazza will curate a color apothecary and natural dye bar at the L bar, on the ground floor. In addition to natural dyes, the apothecary will sell locally grown fresh and dried flowers, earth pigments, barks, spices and clays that customers can use at home. She will also offer a hand-dyed capsule collection of men’s and women’s lingerie and accessories. In addition, customers can take advantage of weekly natural dyeing workshops and a bespoke garment over-dye service.

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On the second floor S bar, Julia Zangrilli, founder of fragrance brand NOVA, will set up a unisex custom scent bar inspired by the collaborative and entrepreneurial atmosphere surrounding Fort Gansevoort. She will also host astrological fragrance-making workshops and natural raw material classes where attendees will leave with custom eau de parfums.

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Cara Marie Piazza 
NOVA Perfume  

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