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Digital Art Month

Digital Art Month, a creative celebration of digital and new media art, kicks off October 1st. The inaugural edition presents curated exhibitions located in various public locations and online. In the times of social distancing, this digital festival unites the creative community and invites viewers to discover, share and experience cutting edge art.

Located throughout Meatpacking’s public plazas, the digital exhibition will feature Augmented Reality (AR) Art through social media filters and video. The AR Art will be exhibited via QR codes activated through Instagram and Snapchat. All of the QR codes for AR filters and Video Art screenings will be outside/able to be viewed from outside in public spaces so that everyone can enjoy the art event in the safest way possible.

Public plazas in Meatpacking to view digital art

Chelsea Triangle – Located on the north side of 14th Street between Hudson Street and Ninth Avenue

14th Street Square – Located across 14th Street from the Chelsea Triangle and extending along Ninth Avenue to 13th Street

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