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Take a stand against gun violence!  As the founders of the Sweat Sessions, we are proudly joining @sweatlife_nyc + the NYC fitness community in their #GunsAgainstGunViolence campaign. This effort to honor the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting we hope will also raise awareness for @everytown, a gun safety movement working to end gun violence and build safer communities.

Join us in our “flash photo” op this Friday, October 13 at 2pm. Simply place a heart on your “guns” aka bicep(s) – you can draw one on or attach a sticker, temporary tattoo, paper cut out, etc. Make sure the heart will be visible for photography.

Sign up here or below to let us know you’ll be coming out and to receive the images!

We will gather on Ninth Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets along the sidewalks (either side) from 1:50pm. At exactly 2pm, we will step into the street as a group facing north, (facing the Apple store), make a muscle and reveal your biceps adorned with a heart, and hold up for photos.

Please do not go in the street until 2p. Gather in the standby areas on the sidewalk. Look out for the organizers carrying placards for instructions. See map below.


Prayers are no longer enough, we must stand up and fight for real change and that is just what @everytown is doing! We will share this photo with participants for use on your own social channels and our hope that this action and post, along with hundreds of others, will draw attention and encourage people to support and to donate.

Can’t make it this Friday to participate? Head to spot.fund/thesweatlife and show your support by donating to Everytown.


Sign up below to let us know you’ll be coming out and to receive the images!

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