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Future Streets

Future Streets is a three-day installation on Little West 12th Street reimagining the street as pedestrian oriented public space. Expanding on the City’s “Open Streets: Restaurants” program, “Future Streets” is executed in partnership with the American Institute of Architecture (AIA-NY), the American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA-NY) and the American Planning Association (APA-NYM), with the goal of demonstrating how the Meatpacking District’s streets can be reimagined to increase public space, promote a range of responsibly distanced community activities, and respond to the heightened demand for open street space from the community and local businesses. 


Over the course of the three-day installment, “Future Streets” enhances the City supported “Open Streets: Restaurants” program and adds 13,000 square feet of public space to the neighborhood’s already existing 30,000 square feet of public plazas. The space will house flexible socially-distant seating, a “front yard” space with greenery and innovative seating , an outdoor lounge space, and dining area. Throughout the weekend, MISHA TYUTYUNIK will paint a mural at 18 Little W 12th Street. 


With the introduction of “Future Streets” the Meatpacking BID aims to demonstrate that, like so many world class cities, New York City can have a high quality pedestrian-prioritized streetscape that supports the community and local business. Following the weekend long program, the BID intends to take the findings to create a proposal for an upgraded pedestrian oriented district that serves the City throughout the day and night, and in all seasons.


Street closures will take place during Open Street Restaurants hours, 4 PM – 11 PM Friday, and 12 PM to 12 AM Saturday and Sunday. The neighborhood will have signage and staff in place to remind visitors to wear masks and maintain a responsible distance. The neighborhood’s sanitation team will also be engaged to keep the street clean and safe for all who visit. 

Rendering of Future Streets setup taking place September 11 – 13.