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Hamilton Aguiar: On the Horizon

BLANK SPACE is pleased to present Hamilton Aguiar: On the Horizon, featuring two central series of the artist’s career- Cores and Acqua. This exhibition will juxtapose the artist’s representative pieces and his new series on aquatic landscapes. On the Horizon will be the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery and will be on view January 26 through March 5.
The exhibition will focus on the artist’s recent paintings after 2013, which marks the creative period through his current residence in Miami. Always striving to paint peaceful images, which viewers can contemplate with enjoyment, the artist tries to make people more aware of the beauty of natural landscapes we so often find ourselves distant from. Remembering the warm climates of his native country in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where he embarked on his journey to the United States for art, Hamilton continues to express the dynamics of nature and change of seasons.

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