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Jack: For the Innocent and Voiceless

Welcome the voices of Dah Wee and Thomas Kewn. We invite you to a cocktail reception and silent auction of the photographic works featured in Jack. Limited edition photographs will be sold alongside editions of the magazine. Proceeds of the evening, all in benefit of Many Hopes and David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation.

About Dah Wee

This worldly artist-entrepreneur has no boundaries in inspiration. Born in Asia, she spent a great deal of her time between Paris and London; studied at UC Berkeley College of Architecture and then moved to New York, where she experimented with, and bloomed her career in photography.
Dah Wee
has worked with Vanity Fair, Details, the New York Times and W, to name a few. She has great love and devotion for animals.

About Thomas Keown

A visionary journalist from Northern Ireland, Keown embarked on an inspiring journey that took him to Kenya, where he founded the Many Hopes Foundation, which rescues and educates abused children. In 2007, as a newspaper columnist living and working in Boston,  he travelled to Kenya on a photographic safari where he met Anthony, co-founder of the Many Hopes Foundation, and Gift (6 years old), the first of many children to be taken in by the foundation. Inspired by the vision of how structured, long-term development could help rescue and provide the tools for a better future for children like Gift, he had two thoughts:

  “My cynical, charity-weary friends in the US and UK would buy into that. They don’t want to keep building orphanages, but they do care deeply about justice.”

   “I can’t do what Anthony can, helping these children on site. But my friends talk a good game about living lives of impact; let’s see if they want to play it and help us create a stable structure to do so.”

Together, let’s rush in support of the innocent and the voiceless. Let’s get involved in helping our future generation without forgetting our wild life, the countless voiceless species trying to survive in our planet.


To attend Silent Auction and Cocktail Reception, Thursday May 20, 7 – 11pm, RSVP here.


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