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Kakigori Summer Popup at INTERSECT

A traditional Japanese frozen specialty to welcome the summer season.

Kakigori is a luxury confection that originated in Japan in the 11th century. A delicacy favored by nobles, it was created by shaving ice into fine, smooth flakes, stacking them into delicate layers and covering them with the finest ingredients. The combination delivers a treat that was sweet and satisfying, rich and refreshing.

In Japan, kakigori masters spend decades perfecting their craft. It begins with creating blocks of ice made from the purest water. Then they perfect the art of shaving the ice to create a smooth, fluffy consistency that mimics freshly fallen snow.

Now, kakigori is available at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – NYC, where our experts have created their own signature versions. The menu pays homage to kakigori’s rich history with a modern twist using handmade flavors and toppings.


Champagne Brulée

Champagne Syrup (Non Alcoholic), Yuzu Shiso Syrup, Champagne Meringue and Berry Compote
Alcoholic Champagne Syrup (Available at the Bar and Lounge after 5PM)

Melon Margarita

Melon Syrup, Lemon Verbena Tequila Syrup (Non Alcoholic), Melon Balls, Passion Fruit Fizzy Rock, Pink Peppercorn and Sliced Lime
Lemon Verbena Tequila Syrup (Available at the Bar and Lounge after 5PM)

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