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Make with Sorelle Amore

Join us at Samsung 837 for a self-portrait photography class with Sorelle Amore (@sorelleamore). Sorelle is a photographer, videographer, YouTube content creator, self-portrait artist, and global traveler. She built her social following on Instagram and YouTube through self-portraits captured all over the world and created a how-to series of her process called Advanced Selfie University. Sorelle has long promoted self-portraits as a tool to foster positivity and self-confidence in her audience.

In her episode of /make, Sorelle shows up-and-coming photographer, Erika Morillo, how to capture the ultimate self-portrait using the powerful 10MP UHD front-facing camera on the Galaxy S10+. Sorelle meets Erika on the ground in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and guides her through her process: everything from identifying unexpected locations, to wardrobe, the art of creative composition, posing, the power of angles, and editing—the entire process executed on her Galaxy S10+.

Throughout the /make session, Sorelle will share her advanced tips and tricks to help you test the limits of the Galaxy S10+. You can use #withGalaxy to share your creations. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn new skills and unlock your creativity.

RSVP at www.samsung.com/837/.


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