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Color your mind at Ragas Live Festival, a 24-hour celebration of Indian classical music. Experience the innovations of New York City’s current “raga renaissance” as over fifty master musicians—and an enthusiastic audience—take over the Museum for an overnight concert of sacred sounds.

Ragas, with roots in the vedas, are designed to be played at specific times of day: as the earth rotates, the music harmonizes with changes in light and mood, potentially transforming the listener’s consciousness. At Ragas Live Festival, you’ll hear evening ragas as night falls and witness the sunrise to music that evokes the early morning. Throughout the experience you can enjoy this timeless music as you peruse the Rubin Museum’s collection of Himalayan art and exhibitions such as The World Is Sound.

Produced for six years by the podcast NYC Radio Live and hosted at the Rubin for the first time, Ragas Live Festival is an immersive 24-hour global listening experience. A worldwide audience will share the experience in real time via a live radio broadcast on WKCR FM-NY. As the world tunes in, you’ll tune your mind to access different states of consciousness—this is what the music is created for. Join us for an incredible journey!

Enjoy mango lassis, tapas, and cocktails available for purchase from Café Serai, which will be open late into the night and in the early morning. There will also be pop-up events throughout the museum, including meditation and traditional Hindu sunrise puja (prayer).

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