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Designed by world-renowned floral artist Jeff Leatham, Reflective Nature is an oasis created to immerse visitors in the rejuvenating power of the natural world. 1,100 intricately constructed Phalaenopsis and Tayamee Vanda orchids are accentuated by a complex series of angled mirrors that reflect this floral sanctuary into infinity. Enveloped in this kaleidoscopic effect, the space catalyzes a relationship between visitors and their surroundings. The experience reveals the true nature of the installation: a reflection on how nature can influence human relationships and their experience within space.  

Reflective Nature is a living organism, subtly transforming as the flowers and plants evolve over time. Intended as a respite from the modern world, this installation not only invites guests to step away from the distractions of the everyday, but also reflect on the transformative effects a natural universe can have within an urban setting.


For information on visiting Reflective Nature or exploring INTERSECT BY LEXUS – NYC, please visit our website or contact info@intersect-nyc.com.

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