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Sharon Masset, Remnant Rings, Steel, Silver, Brass, 2016

Shadow Themes, An exhibition of Contemporary Jewelry

The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross is pleased to announce our fall exhibition Shadow Themes: Finding the present in the past, featuring 33 American women jewelers. Now on view through October 16, 2016.

Shadow Themes is the brainchild of two renowned studio jewelers, Biba Schutz and Marjorie Simon. The two artists, and friends, have long discussed their desire to collaborate on an exhibition.  Since they are primarily makers they talk frequently about process—in terms of technique, problem solving and the evolution of the concepts behind the work. Schutz and Simon continue, “working intuitively as makers, we do not always consciously choose our subject matter and it may be much later that the content reveals itself.  We selected a multi-generational group of distinguished contemporary art jewelers to consider this aspect of their work: to identify threads that they follow or themes they return to over time.”

The thirty-three artists in this exhibition come from a fine craft tradition of jewelry and object making. In addition to new work, artists were invited to submit an early piece that is related to their current work. The exhibition will reveal how artists evolve and revisit ideas in jewelry and objects.

Participating Artists: 

Kristin Beeler, Kathleen Browne, Raissa Bump, Jessica Calderwood, Petra Class, Sandra Enterline, Diane Falkenhagen, Teresa Faris, Susie Ganch, Jill Baker Gower, Mielle Harvey, Lorena Lazard, Sharon Massey, Wendy McAllister, Patricia Nelson, Masako Onodero, Brigid O’Hanrahan, Joan Parcher, Mary Hallam Pearse, Sharon Portelance, Mary Preston, Lyndsay Rice, Hilary Sanders, Barbara Seidenath, Sondra Sherman, Susan Kasson Sloan, Anika Smulovitz, Brooke Marks-Swanson, Rachelle Thiewes, Linda Threadgill, April Wood, Sayumi Yokouchi, and Sandie Zilker.

The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross was founded as a unique, New York City venue, to exhibit progressive work in studio art jewelry, as well as fine arts related to jewelry, precious stones and precious metals. Our mission is to bring international exposure to emerging and established artists, through promotion, education, and exhibition.

Mielle Harvey, Sphinx Moth with Rubies, 2001 
Susie Ganch, Untitled Necklace,  
Jessica Calderwood, Pink Pile, 2016 
Mary Preston, Lena's Garden, 2016 
Wendy Mcallister, White Shards #1, 2015 

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