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On Saturday, November 27, Triangle Loft will be hosting a Small Business Collaboration where guests are invited to stop by and shop from local purveyors from noon until 7pm.


Melissa Schainker is a New York-based painter, illustrator and muralist. Her work has been exhibited internationally in London and Milan and all across the US. Working primarily in oil, her pieces draw from a classical figurative style infused with surrealism. She uses a color palette that highlights non-local colors and contrast. Learn more about Melissa and her work at www.mschainkerfineart.com and on instagram at @mschainkerfineart.

Déjà Rae is a writer, explorer, and dreamer. Since she was young, her inquisitive mind has led her on a perpetual journey towards enlightenment and self-discovery. Both introspective and analytical, Déjà Rae’s work focuses on identifying patterns in the world, and articulating shared human emotions. With a bachelors degree in psychology, and an ongoing masters degree in international development, Déjà Rae hopes to use her education and creative skills to empower others to chase after their most authentic selves.

Anthony Bolling was born in Brooklyn New York and graduated high School in 1989. I always wanted to attend  fashion school but didn’t know how to sketch or draw and therefore felt intimidated in applying to fashion school. I then took a position in an employment agency doing payroll. I left in March 2001 and that’s when I made my first shirt, a black shirt with green sequins on both the front and back. I also started going to church and singing worship songs every other Sunday. Life was awesome. Then I realized I had two loves, music and fashion. Truly music was my first passion but then fashion stepped in and took over however I still love to sing. Once the pandemic hit, like the rest of the world I had some  time to think. I loved fashion and decided to step outside the box of traditional  fashion design. The pandemic has been a blessing and a curse. I Thank God for what I have created through my passion of art and fashion. I started painting on clothing in July, 2021 and people seem to love what I do. My clothing design, is what  I would call, energetic and alive. Hand painted with bright bold colors on T-shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies and blazers is what people know me for. I  want people who purchase my clothing to feel great and energized when they wear my pieces. I want my clothing to be different from what you typically see in fashion. My next dream is making my own clothing line. I just purchased a brand new singer sewing machine and look forward to designing and sewing my own patterns and clothing for men, women, and children.


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