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The KAO Salon Academy is looking for volunteers to have hair coloring services. All services are FREE and performed by experienced licensed professionals. You will also leave with a gift bag to compliment your new look!

Services Offered:

  • MC Technician Day 1: Root touchup/grey coverage and glossing services
  • MC Technician Day 2: Root touchup/grey coverage, accents foils, and glossing services
  • MC Specialist: Guest needing corrective coloring, fashion coloring, or an extreme change. (Anyone interested in booking for MC Specialist must provide a current picture of your hair color as well as an inspiration photo for your desired look. These photos must be submitted once you have booked your appointment and wait for approval.)

Are you interested in the KAO Salon Academy experience? Simply email stella.sanchez@KAO.com if you would like to be added to our Volunteer roster. Once added, we will send out a link to our booking site where you may view any upcoming programs and choose your desired appointment.