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Corlears School

is an independent school dedicated to the education of children ages 2-5th grade. At Corlears, we believe that young children should learn to flexibly solve complex problems, and act on their social responsibilities with compassion and altruism. We’ve designed a school with a specific focus on the crucial, foundational years of a child’s education. This focus allows us to nurture our students’ development, foster a love of learning and ultimately graduate high achieving, thoughtful and compassionate emerging leaders. Corlears Alumni have consistently gone on to some of the most prestigious and competitive middle and upper schools in New York City.

Through an integrated project based, social studies approach and a focus on mathematics and social justice education, the Corlears journey is truly transformative. It begins with a sophisticated play-based early childhood program that grows into a rigorous academic upper grade experience that provides the skills and perseverance needed to solve complex problems with confidence and critical thinking. At the end of their journey, our students have the extraordinary opportunity of choosing the middle school that will continue their lifetime of learning and leadership.

Corlears is firmly established among the progressive Independent Schools of New York City while still maintaining the pioneering spirit of parents and educators working together to provide a rich educational foundation for its students.

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