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As the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate™ and founder of the International WELL Building Institute, Delos is transforming our homes, offices, schools and other indoor environments by placing health and wellness at the center of design and construction decisions. The Delos platform includes research, consulting, real estate development and innovative solutions for the built environment – creating spaces that nurture and promote human health and well-being.

Exploring the intersection between people and the built environment, Delos creates spaces that actively contribute to human health, performance and well-being by marrying the best innovations in technology, health, science, design and enterprise. We see the built environment as an asset to maximize human potential, and we envision environments that enhance us – that are both proactive and reactive – to live better by cultivating healthy lifestyle choices and helping prevent health problems before they begin.

We have broadened the scope beyond just environmental sustainability – by including the best concepts of green technology, we have developed an integrated solution that addresses a complete human sustainability.

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