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Fig + Olive

Our story begins in Provence where fig and olive trees are a symbol of peace and prosperity. Located between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, Provence has always been a crossroads of people, cultures and flavors. Inspired by such abundance and diversity, we founded FIG & OLIVE to pay tribute not only to the French region, but also to the Mediterranean gastronomic heritage.

We believe in the magic of the Mediterranean cuisine, concentrating on the freshest and simplest ingredients to feed both the body and the mind. Traditional recipes are reinvented in a contemporary way to showcase our passion for food and what we stand for: family, authenticity and creativity.

Step into any of our restaurants and you will be met with an abundance of natural light, outdoor terraces and the casual chic ambiance typical of the Mediterranean. Our sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere is the perfect location to celebrate with your friends and family. Join us at the bar for a delicious cocktail, in our lounge to enjoy a relaxed meal, or in one of our dining rooms for a unique culinary journey. Bienvenue.


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