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Imports from Marrakesh

Imports from Marrakesh’s souk in the Chelsea Market is a one-of-a-kind experience.Whether you live in NYC or are visiting from out-of-town, visit us and explore the dazzling selection of treasures from our favorite artisans in Marrakesh. The authentic souk is packed with babouche slippers, coin bags, wild belts, hand of Fatima charms, mirrors, magic carpets, wedding blankets, Berber pillows, leather poufs, lanterns, tiles, tea-pots, and colorful tea-glasses.
Imports from Marrakesh is also a favorite destination for local stylists & designers. We specialize in prop and party rentals, From velvet tent panels to Moroccan palace doors, we have everything you need for a Moroccan theme party, film, or photo-shoot.

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