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KAO USA Salon Goldwell KMS Academy

President and General Manager of KAO USA Salon, Trevor Attenborough, announced the opening of the new Goldwell KMS California Academy in the heart of New York’s fashionable Meatpacking District at 22 Little West 12th Street. This design forward 6500 square foot space is the brand’s East Coast flagship academy, and proudly serves as partner to the Goldwell KMS California Academy’s acclaimed, original Santa Monica location.

 The multi-story creative space features a stunning rooftop classroom with terrace views of New York City’s world famous skyline, putting the creative energy of the city at the heart of this unique educational experience. Students will be encouraged to use the urban landscape that serves as the Academy’s new home as a muse to create bold, original work. Attenborough explains, “Whether drawing from the rich cultural heritage or striking architecture of this world class city, we hope that our guests will be inspired to take their craft to the next level.”

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