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LIFTONIC is a group weight training studio that focuses on building and toning muscle for a strong, lean physique. Classes consist of a 50-minute sequence performed on and around a weight bench using dumbbells incorporating traditional weights exercises together with abdominal/core and full body movements. We believe in developing mental and physical strength through medium to low repetition sets which makes LIFTONIC the perfect accompaniment for your current HIIT/Yoga/Pilates fitness regime. Classes are suitable to all fitness and strength levels as you select the weight for each exercise that works for you. If you are new to weight training, our instructors will guide you on what weight to use and if you are a frequent lifter, you’ll find our interchangeable dumbbells easy to select the perfect weight for maximum results. Schedule can be found at: www.liftonic.com.


Upper Body

The LIFTONIC Upper Body class focuses on developing strength in your entire upper body whilst simultaneously working your mid-section/core. The emphasis is on slow repetitions with a focus on technique which ensures muscles are fully fatigued which results in an efficient upper body toning work out

Lower Body 

The LIFTONIC lower body class incorporates the large muscles such as your quads, hamstring and glutes together with specific upper body, abdominal and core exercises. Although the class focuses on developing strength and tone in the lower body, the nature of the movements will ensure your heart rate stays up and you leave class feeling a deep euphoric high usually associated with cardio based methods.

Full Body

The most intense class of the week, the LIFTONIC full body work out consists of exercises that link 2-3 movements together resulting a sweaty, strength focused class that will rival any HIIT class in its intensity.

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