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Package Free Shop

Founded in 2017 by long-standing environmentalist and entrepreneur Lauren Singer, Package Free is on a mission to make the world less trashy by selling products that reduce waste daily.  Pioneer of the zero-waste industry and the world’s first and largest zero waste lifestyle shop, Package Free curates products that are plastic free, sustainable and essential to everyday living.

In only two years since it’s launch, Package Free has diverted over 75 million units of trash including: 20 million plastic bags, 15 million plastic straws, 1.5 million plastic water bottles, 1 million coffee cups, and 250k razors from landfills

Package Free aims to reimagine sustainability and tackle the CPG landscape by empowering people to recognize that their choices in consumption can make a positive impact on the environment.  Package Free provides accessible and affordable products that allow consumers to feel confident in their ability to make change.