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The Society X

With our brick and mortar in the heart of Meatpacking, SocietyX launched as the workspace and home for NYC’s most progressive creatives. As soon as we realized the scope of this pandemic, we knew it was a call to our larger potential, to serve the entire world, with the spirit of this neighborhood.

Over the past two months, we’ve become a planet-wide digital collective of creators who seek to offer fulfilling experiences to elevate the new normal. SocietyX collaborates with hyper-niche creatives (think moon yoga, therapeutic poetry, and specialized meditations) to deliver both free and paid, public and one-on-one experiences five days a week.

Whether you’re a parent struggling with in-home learning, a solo quarantiner seeking connection, or essential worker looking to engender a mindfulness practice to calm your routine, SocietyX is now your home.

Our mission is to support creatives and the whole population by providing wellness and self-development opportunities to everyone in this new world.

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